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Skills Audit

In the teaching profession the chances of someone telling you that you're doing something well are slim in the extreme. Teachers are generally abused, downtrodden and taken for granted. In the wider world of employment however, teachers have many positives in their favour and are viewed as an asset in many organisations.

Teachers bring a unique blend of transferable skills to the employment market. Just as members of the armed forces are valued in civilian settings for their discipline, determination and team working skills, teachers bring a similar resilience, work ethic and sensitivity to life outside the classroom.

What you have going for you:

1) As a primary teacher you are a generalist. Basically you have a wide knowledge base and can apply your learning skills to a range of situations and settings.

2) You are resilient and hard working. You can manage difficult situations, prioritise a massive workload and work under extreme pressure.

3) You have well developed communication skills. You are an extremely effective communicator to a range of different audiences and are used to planning and delivering presentations to large groups of people.

4) You have successful management and co-ordination skills. Managing a classroom for thirty plus children is no mean feat and there are distinct transferable skills into many management and administration situations.

5) You have a strong sense of duty and ethics. As a teacher you are a trusted figure with an appreciation for safeguarding and confidentiality issues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and you may be able to add further skills from subject specialisms. Don't under sell yourself, you possess a well developed skills set.